A cab ride, a cigarette smoke and a pawn shop visit

Thursday, November 8, 2007

These were the price of a good man's life. Yesterday, an inmate, while being transported to the courthouse for the second day of his trial, overpowered the deputy sheriff, shot and mortally wounded him. After leaving the officer in a parking lot, the criminal drove the van a short distance before abandoning it. He then hitchhiked and also grabbed a cab ride. Finally, he bummed a cigarette off a bystander and smoked it before going into a pawn shop where he was captured.

Four hours of 'freedom' over.

Now for the kicker. The deputy was 76 years old and the killer in his 40's. Once he disarmed the deputy, all the cretin had to do was walk away. He didn't have to kill the officer. And for what? For 4 hours of nothing? The creep had already been convicted of 2 armed robberies and was up for a third, but now he'll be heading to death row.

The authorities believed there were accomplishes and this was a planned escape. Sure sounds like the idiots didn't plan beyond overpowering the guard.

The murdered officer? A retired postal worker who then became a respected deputy sheriff working in the transportation department. Reportedly he often worked 2 jobs to support his family.

Versus cretin who robbed grocery stores and killed a good man for a cab ride, a cigarette and a pawn shop visit. Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Accomplices? Planning?? Sounds pretty far-fetched. You'd think the "accomplices" could give him a ride so he wouldn't have to take a cab, and maybe pick up some cigarettes on the way to the scene of the crime...

So sad for the family of the man who was killed. The only good thing about the story is that the man was recaptured. Hopefully, he has taken his last cab ride.