AI: Peter Noone

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Okay, okay. I know I go long periods of time witihout posting and then post a bunch at once. My mother if she was alive would be smiling indulgently at this post. As I sat on the sofa tonight as American Idol came on, I perked up when they announced the theme was the 60's. Now I was a teeny-bopper in the 60's, playing the music with the volume turned up all the way. So I would have been in 7th heaven with the songs alone.

But oh no. I virtually shrieked when they announced the 60's stars who had worked with the contestants: PETER NOONE OF HERMAN'S HERMITS!!!!!!!

I idolized him. I bought every album, every magazine with either a picture or an article on him. I kept and probably still have a scrapbook. When the Hermits performed at the Ohio State Fair, I waited in line for hours to get close to the stage. The first time my heart was broken was when Peter announced his dare he...didn't he know the perfect girl was waiting for him?

To this day, I'm still a fan. Two years ago when the newly formed Hermits performed at the Kravitz hall, I was there and buying both a CD and T-shirt.

And my heart still goes pitty-pat. :) Carol

P.S. Up until tonight, I thought the girls were kicking major butt. However, Peter hammered home to the guys that it was the melody in the 60's that mattered and darn, if the boys overall gave their best performances tonight.

Something tells me I'm into something good....singing off-key as I go to dig out my Herman's Hermits CD


Roxann Delaney said...

Peter aka Herman was a favorite of mine, too, Carol! He was in town several years ago for a concert, but I missed him. :( Next time!