A slight shot to the gut

Friday, March 2, 2007

Eharlequin shut down the last of the Bombshell boards this week; they've been archiving them bit by bit. Now if a Bombshell author has good news, there's no where to post to let the fans know. I'm hopeful for a sale to Silhouette Romantic Suspense, but if it happens, I won't be able to connect with those people I came to visit with so much on the Bombshell boards. So I actually feel sad as it is one more reminder of the loss of the line and circle of kindred spirits. Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Waaaah. I loved Bombshell. *Sniff.*

Kate Donovan said...

Hi Carol. I too was disappointed that the Bombshell boards closed down so quickly. When you sell to SRS, tell me and I'll post it to my blog. I don't get a ton of traffic, but some of the regulars from the bombshelter stop by, so at least they'll see it there as well as on yours.

Meanwhile, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


Carol Stephenson said...

Thanks, Kate!!!! And please, let me know what's going on so I can support you as well.

We Bombards need to stick together. :) Carol