Dancing with the Stars

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ho-hum. The opening episode was less than exciting. There were a few possible performers who might develop, but on the whole everyone was stiff and uncomfortable. To give them credit, the shorter rehearsal time may be having a significant impact. I think it's a shame that the show continually gives the one dancer..Sheryl, Cheryl...whatever her name is...who has won the past two seasons one of the more coordinated stars. I think it would be more interesting if the last season's winner gets one of the worse to work with. I'd like to see one of the other dancers get the spotlight as they're all talented.

And beef about Entertainment Tonight. I admit; I've watched the show for years. However, I'm either walking out of the room or switching the channel lately. They really need to get off the Anna Nicole drivel. They have gone on and on for months now; it's like one of those old sensational magazines from the 50's. Please. There are so many disfunctional people in Hollywood. Find one of them to beat to death for awhile. :) Carol