Warding Off Evil-Another Xmas Tradition

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Claus and his reindeer had better watch out for they're not the only ones out and about on Xmas Eve.

In Norway people hide their brooms for witches and evil spirits are bent on stealing brooms for a joy ride. Mops and brushes are also hidden. Men sneak out of the house to fire shotguns to scare off the witches...or just to make a lot of noise.

The Greeks may build a crackling fire or hang pig jaws inside chimneys to fend off evil spirits called Kallikantzaroi. Descriptions vary, but these half-human, half-animal pests live in the earth only to surface for the twelve days of Xmas to wreck havoc. Good thing. During the year they spend their time sawing the World Tree. The dawning of Xmas distracts them from sawing and they go to the surface. When the sun begins moving again on the Epiphany, the Kallikantzaroi return to their world only to discover the Tree has healed itself. Back to the sawing for these folklore goblins.