More Pint-sized Libraries

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The British phone book library that I featured in the last post has caught on. As phone booths fall into disuse, other enterprising individuals have converted them into 'libraries'.  Clinton, New York uses a bright red British kiosk to house about 100 books.  The Book Booth even has a Twitter and Facebook following.

Think an American open-box style of a phone booth can't be used as a library? Think again. Several have popped up and the one in Highland Park, CA is labeled with a Book Crossing serial number.

Small-sized libraries are not limited to phone booths. This miniature book depository known as a corner library is located in Brooklyn, New York. About the size of a doghouse, it contains a small scale of resources one can find at a regular-size libraries from books to CD's.

Walking in a park and have an urge to sit and read a book? This book stand is located in a Korean park.

Laying claim to being the smallest freestanding library in America is Norman, AK's, which is the size of a small bedroom, about 177 square feet.

I love these gems of libraries.  :) Carol