Courting Disaster's Release Day is here!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

With the dawning of Monday, April 4, COURTING DISASTER will be available. It's listed on all the major online bookstores, ready for download. I'm so stoked. When I wrote Courting Danger, all along I had planned to do all the stories of the partners of the criminal law defense I had created. When Bombshell folded, I feared Carling Dent and Nicole Sterling's stories would never see the light of the publishing world.

Then Carina Press opened its doors and bought the other two Legal Weapon stories, making my dream come true. I hope you enjoy the continuing adventures of the Legal Weapons. The Tweegal short story is wrapping on twitter [@LegalWeapons] in conjunction with the debut of Carling Dent's book.

Available at Carina Press

Barnes & Noble