Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have a reader and want to buy a book from a different site other than the reader-supported bookstore, such as Kindle? There are a few conversion programs floating out there. I used Calibre, which does have a video tutorial you can watch:

Once downloaded, the program will appear like this on your computer:

Next up is adding approved email addresses to your reader. I have a Kindle but presumably other readers will go through similar steps. Kindle’s site for adding email addresses is here:

Next, go to the Calibre screen and click on ‘preferences’ on the far right side of the tool bar.

Click on sharing books by email

Click "add email" on right.

Enter the email address of your reader (for Kindle it should end with in some form) and click return. Formats should be "mobi, PRC".

Scroll down to the "Send email from" box and fill in the email you want to send the email from. Be sure that this is the same email you added to approved email addresses when you were setting up your reader

Note: This is not the @Kindle email address that you are mailing TO but your personal email address that you'll be sending FROM. Since several friends reported problems with using an aol address, I opted to use set-up a gmail address as Calibre had a button I could click on to set it up.

To see if you’ve have the system set up, click’ Test email in lower right corner’.

You should get a "mail successfully sent" message. If you did not, that means you haven't set up either the TO or FROM email correctly.

Click Apply in upper left corner, and then click close, to close preferences.

Now you'll be able to convert to your reader a book...say my upcoming releasses COURTING DISASTER and COURTING DEATH...puchased from

:) Carol