Ho, Ho, Ho! Christmas Trivia

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm boning up on Xmas trivia for this weeks Trivia at Duffy's.  Let's see how much you know!  I'll post answers on Thursday.

1) Who narrated the original 1966 TV show 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas?
2) In 'Frosty the Snowman', what was the name of the magician with the 'magic hat'?
3) What does Alvin want for Xmas in the 'Chipmunk Song'?
4) In what year did Toys for Tots hold its first toy drive?
5) In what year were electric Xmas tree lights first used?
6) What was the first state to recognize Xmas as an official holiday?
7) If you received all the gifts in the 'Twelve Days of Xmas', how many gifts would you receive?
8) What country made the first artificial Xmas tree?
9) Who was the first President to decorate the White House Xmas tree?
10) What department store originally created Rudolph the Red-nosed Raindeer as a promotion?
11) What is the name of the town where 'It's a Wonderful Life' takes place?


Carol Stephenson said...

Here are the answers to the Xmas Trivia!
1) Boris Karloff.
2) Professor Hinkle.
3) Hula Hoop.
4) 1947.
5) 1895.
6) Alabama.
7) 364 gifts.
8) Germany.
9) Franklin Pierce.
10) Montgomery Ward.
11) Bedford Falls.