Blame the Babylonians...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blame the Babylonians for establishing the tradition of setting New Year's resolutions.  Their most common one was to return borrowed farm equipment.  I wondered if they had any more success than the rest of us in keeping such a simple resolution.  I bet there was always a crop emergency that arose delaying the return.  Or worse, the borrower broke the plow and didn't want the owner to know.

I'm not a journaler, but on New Year's Eve I take the time to jot down meaningful & not so meaningful things in my life over the year.  I enjoy the time of reflection.  As for the future, I avoid resolutions as I tend to believe there's always going to be a crop emergency to screw things up.  However, I will set a few pragmatic objectives as otherwise the year will fly by.  I think one of the most endearing quality about human beings is our never-ending hope for a brighter future and the undaunting willingness to improve ourselves or try new things.  You know, repair the plow or plant another crop.

Maybe the Babylonians had the right idea after all.

To all my readers, colleagues and friends, may the New Year bring you good reads, big sales and joy.

Love, Carol and Maddie