My anal side

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm one of those people who likes to have everything planned out. It's not that I don't appreciate spontaniety, it's just there is sooooo much on my plate that I need to slot in order to fit it all in. I actually can almost plan out to the minute how long a task will take me, driving or otherwise.

Right now in the day job, I have an endless line of merit hearings over the summer. The first deadline for my NASCAR book is coming up, and I'm trying to get another proposal out. So on Sunday when I learned I was supposed to be going to the "Jersey Boys" show that night...and not next weekend as I was originally told, and another friend needed to swing by to use my computer/printer, I almost hyperventilated. Sunday remains my one 'pure' day of writing so I'm not a happy camper when people call or anything disrupts me.

Of course, "Jersey Boys" was a fabulous production, and I would see it again in a heartbeat. I did get some work done on my proposal. Instead of quickly cleaning the house, I told my friend she would have to take the house as is, and of course, she did.

However, I decided to give myself a break plus carve out a few more minutes. I've switched to paper plates, plastic forks, etc. to minimize washing dishes; I'm turning a blind eye to mess. House cleaning can come later...much later. :) Carol