Batted 1000

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I batted one thousand this week between Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. All my votes went for Shawn and Kris. I'm thrilled for them both. Kris was my dark horse AI candidate once the final 13 were picked. Week after week he impressed me, and I loved his ability with both the guitar and the piano. He just kept growing in confidence and giving solid performance after solid performance. I know the judges were "Adam, Adam, Adam" all along, but Adam always made me hyper. Kris is the kind of singer one can curl up with and feel good or go to a concert and come out relaxed and happy. His would be an album I could buy.

So enjoy, Kris. And Shawn, your competitive spirit was amazing.

But I don't get to catch my breath because tomorrow night begins "So You Think You Can Dance." :) Carol