WTG, Kurt Busch!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hey, back to back brothers win. First Kyle at Las Vegas ad then Kurt at Atlanta. Man, did he dominate.


I had a friend over for pizza and a movie night, but I got to watch most of the race.

I've been doing some intense writing. I decided to enter the competition for the Mystery Writers' Annual Anthology because of the supernatural theme, but the short story didn't really come together for me until Saturday. I burned up the keyboard. I mailed off the story today so we'll see. Writing a short story was a new experience in terms of going after one professionally. When I was young, I churned and burned poems and short stories, but of course, none of those ever saw the light of publication beyond school publications.

Tonight I'm chillaxing and watching AI and the Dancing With the Stars results. :) Carol