Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I got wrapped up last night, trying to figure out the Amazon community boards and whether there should be any I should participate on as a quarterfinalist. [apparently some finalists are already running a 'twitter' campaign. talk about being behind technology-wise].

However, since last night's theme was my fav, the Grand Ol' Oprey, I listened/watched the performances with great interest. I thought Matt was hands down the best, although I also enjoyed Megan and Allyson's performances. However, I could have thrown the TV out the window when Adam destroyed the Johnny Cash classic. Sorry, but Adam probably will never see a text vote from me for the rest of the season. The way he stood after he he had done something special. As Simon said, self-indulgent rubbish.


Anyway, don't forget to stop by and hopefully drop a good compliment on the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. :) Carol