Guilty Conscience: the Dolphins

Monday, December 15, 2008

I need to fess up to a guilty conscience. When the Dolphins traded Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, I was prepared to give the team up.

But when you're a're a fan. I became a fan when I was still living in Ohio; I liked a Don Schula-style of football. After he retired, though, the magic was gone, and the Dolphins couldn't settle down with one coach long enough to have a style, particularly over the last few years. With my fav players gone, I had nothing to cheer for.

Or so I thought.

I couldn't quite cut the ties. Initially, I caught a few minutes here and another few minutes there of a game. Then the Dolphins acquired Chad Pennington. I increased my viewing time. When they started playing half-way decent [I don't care if a team wins/loses, I only care tha they play a good game and try to win], I watched even more. Now I'm back to my old pattern of having the game on as I work or take my favorie Sunday afternoon nap [love snoozing to football games ]. The upshot was I never did find that other 'team' to watch.

I'll still switch channels/moot the volume whenever they show Bill Parsells. Never have liked him, never will. But a Dolphins fan I remain. :) Carol