Tuesday, December 16, 2008

At this time of the year we reflect on the things we're grateful for. With both my parents gone, I know that I particularly miss them at Xmas. They gave me such a solid foundation, and I hope they knew how much I appreciated all they did.

But sometimes you recognize things after the fact. I'll start with Dad in this post. Over the past year and a half I have discussed my trials and tribulations over the family room makeover. Yet iIdid it. Totally redid the room from ceiling to floor. I got that from Dad. Growing up, I would spend hours hanging around him [and probably being a total nuisance], watching him as he painted, repaired, built items for the house. For years we would watch 'This Old House' and Bob Villa. Although now I watch endless shows on HGTV, that interest and ability come from Dad.

I've also posted hundreds of photographs; photography is my passion. Little did I realize it was also Dad's. My father kept all his cameras, and he took loads of photos during WWII, his high school, and of our family. Consequently, I have a legacy of family albums to watch over and on occasion, look at.

So I'm grateful for Dad's influence on me as to being 'Ms. Tool Time' and a photographer.

:) Carol