Saturday, May 17, 2008

Maddie here. I'm doing much better according to the vet today. I still have a way to go with this dang bacteria, but Carol's continuing to stuff pills down me. Today was her birthday and I danced with her as she sang 'happy birthday' on my behalf.

While the vet was checking me out, she went with a friend to see "Prince Caspian" and loved it. She finished off the day with a swim so I got to chill out on the pool deck. We had a few problems last night. I was determined to sleep on the bed, but every time I tried to put my head on her shoulder, this cone I have to wear got in the way. I finally took up a spot at the foot of the bed. I'll be soooo happy when I no longer have to wear the cone. However, Carol's been really good about massaging my back every night. She sure knows how to make a pup's tail wag.

Thank you for all your concern and well wishes! Maddie

p.s. I am not letting Carol take any pictures of me until my ears look good again. A girl has to have a little vanity.