DWTS and stuff

Monday, May 12, 2008

Although I really, really want a woman to win this year's DWTS, and I think Kristi will take the title...I still love watching Jason. And I was thrilled tonight to see Zach Thomas in the audience. I'm sooooo going to miss him playing for the Dolphins. Both Zach and Jason deserve a Super Bowl ring. My one problem is Zach went with the Cowboys, and I've never been a Cowboy fan, especially with their current quarterback. But I will cheer for Zach except for when he plays the Dolphins.

I had a busy weekend. First off was my writing chapter's meeting on Saturday. Author Mary Stella gave a great talk on the news out of the Novelists, INC conference. Then for Mother's Day, I went to dinner with my friend Diane and her mother. Good weekend, just hotter than Hades. The weather guys are saying a cold front is coming in tonight, so I hope they are right. That ocean is warming all too quickly, which could mean for a very long hurricane season.

:) Carol