Casino Royale!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Woohoo!!!!! What a great weekend. First I saw the FABULOUS new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. I've been a Daniel Craig fan since I saw him in Tomb Raider and knew he could pull off being James Bond...and boy, does he! This movie goes back to its Sean Connery roots of being raw and edgy. The men are going to be initially disappointed as the babe-fest intro has been dispensed with, but they should be won over by the action scenes. The movie is very light on gadgets. This Bond is a man who uses whatever is available around him in the manner of MacGver to chase, escape and kill. For the women, hubba hubba on the ocean scene of Craig emerging from the water. This movie is about the making of James Bond and it delivers. I can't wait for the next two that Craig has signed on for.

The second wonderful thing was my Buckeyes winning against Michigan. When you grow up in Columbus, OH, let me tell you. Everything stops for that game. I cooked up a batch of chilli, sat back and cheered my team onto victory. Maddie loved doing the victory dance with me. :) Carol


Toni Lea Andrews said...

Ooooh, can't wait. Maybe I'll go tonight (although the nearest theatre is 40 miles away)...