Still no cover

Friday, July 14, 2006

My stomach's in knots. The Harlequin art department decided to change the Madonna Key covers at 2 books into the series...thus no continuity in covers. I was hoping to have my cover in time for the Romance Writers of America conference in Atlanta and was thrilled to hear that the Intimate Moments authors with October releases got their covers on Monday. So I waited with bated breath all week long, checking my email fifty bizillion times. No cover. With only 1 1/2 weeks to conference, it's not looking good. And why one line's October covers were distributed and not others is beyond me. So totally nerve wracking as to what the artists did/are doing as I had thought the first 2 covers were striking. Now I'll also have to scramble to get prints made of the cover if it comes out before the conference...or not if it's really suck-o. Since they are sticking with at least a monochromatic look, I'm praying for at least a nifty color like red or orange or even silver. Given the fact that my book entails a Spanish flu outbreak, I can't see them doing a fashion color like pink but who knows what idea lurks in the art department's mind. I'm going to go nuts worrying about something I have no control over. sigh, Carol