Pirates, Connery and stuff

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Maddie here as Carol's munching on her dinner. She left me alone ...on a weekend no less...to go see Pirates II. But Carol's cleaning angel came today and while she was busy [while Carol's not a dirty pup, she is a messy pup, constantly leaving puddles of paper everywhere!], I slipped out the cat's door and had a grand adventure outside.

Carol said she's ambivalent about Pirates II. Loved the 3 main characters, great special effects and loads of action...but no resolution of a single thread...whatever that means. It wasn't a stand alone movie, simply Part I of a two-part episode. It left her dissatisfied because she didn't think it fair play to the movie goers. The first movie gave the sense of being resolved but did leave enough hooks that you knew there would be further adventures. Pirates II simply was a further adventure that didn't actually end.

I'm sending a puppy hug to Connery. His human is Doranna Durgin, one of Carol's fellow Bombshell authors. He's got allergies and not feeling well. I hope he's soon up and about clowning around as good as ever. :) Maddie


Karmela said...

Hey Maddie -- so Carol was meh with Pirates, huh? You got the gist of why she was unhappy with it pretty much dead on, I thought. Good explanation. You are one smart canine. I'm going to keep her words in mind when I see the movie this weekend.

We are thinking of you and Carol this coming hurricane season!