Maddie's Training

Monday, February 20, 2006

Take one little 3-yr-old Shih Tsu plus an owner who hasn't had a dog since she was a kid and what do you get? A headache for the poor PetSmart instructor who has the dynamic duo in her Basic Training Course.

A week ago Sunday was Maddie's first class. The instructor believes in click-&-treat training so she was going around from dog to dog to show us how to do a simple command. Most of the dogs in Maddie's class are puppies longing to be molded and did whatever the instructor wanted.

Marvelous, you say? Ha. The instructor got to Maddie and Maddie did sit for her. When the instructor gave Maddie her treat, Maddie promptly spit it out onto the floor.


This past Sunday we didn't fare much better. Maddie is too distracted and excited to behave during the class. She's also barking and growling at the other dogs...when she's little Miss Friendly Neighbor to all the dogs in our hood. The instructor thinks she's feeling threatened being in a confined space so I'm going to get to class early and walk Maddie around the outside of the training area, hoping to get her acclimated.

My little angel.

:) Carol Stephenson


Mary Stella said...

We love 'em even when they're challenges. Good luck to you and Maddie!

Bronwyn Jameson said...

Well, I think Maddie is just showing that she is a kickass alpha Bombshell kinda gal!