The Danger Within Your Neighborhood

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The other night I was walking Maddie and ran into a neighbor who also owns a Shih Tsu. We chit-chatted as our dogs said 'hi'. The neighbur mentioned a house down the block that recently sold would be up for sale again. The woman living there was a sexual predator living within in yards of a small private school.

Now I live in a nice residential neighborhood where kids play together in the streets and the retirees putter about in their yards. Knowing a predator had moved in among us sent a chill down my spine. Then I learned that the State of Florida now made it possible to do a residential search:

Florida Sexual Offender/Predator Neighborhood Search

When I ran a search of my address, I discovered 10 registered predators living within a mile. Frightening. Hopefully, other states have this program as we need to protect our kids.

Know thy neighbor has a whole new meaning.

Carol Stephenson


Toni Lea Andrews said...

When I lived in South Miami, there was a cable station that did a continuous loop with mug shots and info about all the registered sex offenders living within city limits. I thought it was a damned good idea.

Mary Stella said...

That's freaky, Carol. I just did a search around my address and am amazed at how many names showed up in a one mile radius -- which puts them close to two schools!