Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This past weekend I promised myself I would take it easy as I'd been sick with the flu for a week. My version of taking it easy ended up with preparing and taking to the post office a total of 6 contest entries for my book Courting Danger on Saturday. Then on Sunday I tackled my yard...or what remains of it post Hurricane Wilma...and planted flowers. I did spend both Saturday and Sunday afternoon watching football.

Then tonight I pledged to take it easy and watch mind-numbing People's Choice Awards. But then I saw the storage drawer unit I bought last week to help with my gift wrapping reorganization project so I filled it. Then during TV commercials I finished storing away my outdoor Xmas decorations.

Just can't do it. I can't sit still and not do at least two things at once. If I'm watching TV, I have to be working on a project, whether answering email, reading or organizing. Sitting still and doing nothing for the simple pleasure of doing nothing has eluded me all my life.

My picture of the day is a shot of the ornate mailboxes in Montgomery. Many homes have these lovely metal stands.

:) Carol Stephenson