Taking back the yard

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Although I clean up the yard after Hurricane Wilma, I didn't do anything about replanting or making it pretty again. I first had a book deadline, then all the holiday/Xmas gatherings and then finally with the New Year, the flu. Since I'm hosting critique this coming weekend, I figured it was time to whip the yard into shape. Then the cold wave hit with a wicked wind on Saturday. With my still having vestiges of the flu, I didn't work outside for long. However, while it was still cold today, there wasn't any wind so I hit the yard running. I managed to finish the front yard, replanted the border with my neighbor's yard and then cleaned up the back view in case the weather's nice enough next weekend so we can sit out on the patio.

I'm not a great landscaping artist, but my Dad loved to garden so I'm trying to maintain the tradition.

Below is the January picture from the annual calendar of my photographs that I give as a Xmas present. This shot is of Virginia City from the graveyard overlooking the preserved Western town.

:) Carol Stephenson