If it wasn't for my DVD...

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

I'd be officially Baker Acted by now. I have a battery-operated TV but I'm using it only for news. So I'm running a constant stream of DVD's in order to keep my mind off the generators and still no power. I've already had a Harry Potter and Jackie Chan marathon. Right now I'm going through my Anne Hatheway movies [there are times when one simply needs light entertainment!].

Tonight I had to make another gas run and because I was desperately craving french fries, treated my dog and myself to a Wendy's hamburger. Thank goodness another cool wave is approaching so that the humidity will lower again. At this rate, though, I'm going to run out of DVD's and have to resort to my TV DVD collection, such as Avengers, MacGyver or Perry Mason.

:) Carol Stephenson, 9 1/2 days without power and counting


Toni Lea Andrews said...

I had power but no cable so I also did the DVD thing. This is tricky, since the BF won't watch anything bloody (no Gladiator), violent (I love movies where things blow up) or depressing (anything that makes you cry). So we watched Robots and Batman, the Beginning. Loved both!