The debris goeth...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Think Sunday mornings are for sleeping in, quiet moments of reflection or family time? Ha! At 8 a.m. came the gentle roar of fork lifts in our neighborhood.

At long last the hurricane debris removal has reached us. The large trucks park somewhere along the block, and then a man operating the forklift putters along the road, picking up the debris. I personally thought the guy sleeping in the back of a pickup truck had the best job--overseeing/coordinating the operation. I do feel bad for my neighbors on the north-south block bordering my property. The crew only managed to collect the debris [including mine] on the road running east-west.

Of course, whatever branches the crew missed on my property, I picked up and added to my neighbors' piles.

:) Carol Stephenson


Mary Stella said...

We were delighted to see the humongous debris piles depart. We're now creating new ones, but at least we've made progress!

Carol Stephenson said...


At first it was power trucks everywhere. Now it's the trucks filled with debris. I'm having trouble leaving work because there's a park just down the road where they're hauling stuff.

Maybe in another month we'll have some semblance of normalcy....

:) Carol