Hey W-i-i-lma!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

There are many bad things about hurricanes, but the waiting game is a killer. Wilma's heading for my slice of Florida, and already we've had sporadic gas outages. There are long lines for gas and long lines for groceries. I now have a full tank and my stash of groceries. On Saturday I'll put up the hurricane shutters and remove the flying missiles from the yard. Following Hurricanes Francis and Jeanne last year, I heard one man's story about listening to avocados striking his house like bombs so tonight I picked several bags of avocados off my tree to take into work.

My book deadline is 11/1 so I'll be curled up on the sofa, finishing the polishing work while watching Wilma's approach. To my fellow Floridians, be safe.

Carol Stephenson


Mary Stella said...

You stay safe, too, Carol! Good idea about picking the avocados. No sense in them going to waste -- or becoming storm projectiles!