Sunday, October 30, 2005

Anticipation. This afternoon power trucks from Ohio were in the neighborhood. With the number of poles down, some in people's yards, the power people would have their hands filled simply removing, straightening poles, let alone reestablishing power. However, anticipation still fills you because it means your neighborhood is being worked on. Then hopefully, just hopefully, power will be restored within the next few days. I spoke with a couple of the workers as I'm from Ohio originally and ribbed that Ohio's cold winters are looking better and better since this is my 3rd hurricane in 13 months. The workers told me to hang in there, which of course I am. I spent the afternoon raking the smaller debris from the yard so it doesn't destroy a lawnmower.

But in anticipation, I'm enjoying a cool brew [can't be cold as I had the generator off all afternoon] while watching the Dolphins on my battery-operated TV. Hopefully, by next weekend I can watch my games on the regular TV.

:) Carol Stephenson