Writing Process: West Palm Beach settings

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's almost an annual tradition, my receiving a jury summons. Once more I cooled my jets in the jury assembly room the entire day and was never called up on a panel.

However, during the lunch break, I took a few pictures as so many of my books have centered around downtown West Palm Beach. Years ago my office was in a buiding along Clematis Street, which is featured in both COURTING DANGER and COURTING DISASTER. I remembered all too clearly the smells emanating from the alley that ran behind the buildings on the north side of Clematis.

Here's a shot of the alley by the parking garage showcased in the first chapter of HER DARK PROTECTOR where Gail Malloy is in trouble when the mysterious Jason Hawke first appears.

I wrote in a frenzy to get COURTING DANGER out before the renovation of the old Palm Beach Courthouse was completed.  Here's the outside of the restored building, which now serves as a museum, and the view from the balcony of the double-decker courtroom where the heroine Kate Rochelle hides during a climatic scene.

Finally here's the Palm Beach County Courthouse where the Legal Weapons team of the Courting series--Kate Rochelle, Carling Dent, and Nicole Sterling--try cases and appear for hearings. 

:) Carol