We're Baaaacck!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

While I still can't access Blogger via my main Internet, I finally have been able to access through another service. Go figure.

Since I've last posted, I finished Her Dark Protector, which has a release date of March 26, 2012 from Carina Press.  This book begins my new mini-series called "The Justice Hunters" centering on a shadow society. The Justice Alliance for centuries has guarded justice and the rules of laws.  Whenever chaos threatens to reign, the organization steps in.  Calling themselves the Justice Hunters, the members come from all segments, from business leaders to professors, but most have something in common: they have lost a dear one to violence.  As opposed to vigilantes, they strive to protect witnesses, find evidence and otherwise help to maintain order.  They have eyes and ears everywhere from the courtrooms to the streets.

As the release draws closer, I'll tell more about the book. In the meantime, Maddie is happy to have my full attention again. I'm also tackling my long neglected yard and house and looking forward to the holidays.  My trivia team The Blazers continues its winning ways and in the future I'll be posting about some interesting bits-and-bobs of information.  Of course, Maddie will be adding her two-cents in.