Ode to Vermont's Covered Bridges-Bennington to Burlington

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've been fortunate to travel, but one of my all time favs was a trip in October 2003 to see Vermont's fall colors. My friend and I decided on a whim that rather than spend time in stores we would see how many of the infamous covered bridges we could find. What a blast.

We explored the twining back roads, saw sights we never would have from the main highways, lunched in country stores & met locals who calmly directed two crazy tourists to obscure bridge.

I know the people of Vermont have a steadfast fortitude and they will recover from the flooding. In fact, I'm setting my next book in Vermont so...I'm going to revisit that wonderful time when my friend and I managed to find dozens of bridges. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate the log/map that I wrote down all the bridges' names so I only have a few names matched up with the photos. :) Carol

Bennington: Silk Bridge (1840), Paper Mill Village Bridge (1889, rebuilt 20000, Henry Bridge (1840, replicated 1989)

The rest are those we found on our way from Bennington to Burlington.