World building using OneNote

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One workshop at last week's Southwest Florida Romance Writers' conference was on world builing. The speaker was paranormal, urban fantasy author Kristen Painter.

This seminar came at the most opportune time as I reworking a proposal and need to strengthen the world building aspect. Of course I immediately set up a OneNote electronic notebook when I got home.  I've set up the main tabbed sections as history, time, geography, location, culture, religion, characters, language, names, magic, rules, research and notes.

Then I've set up the subsections. For example, the subsections for culture are who's in charge, how government works, how money works, who has wealth and who doesn't, and class system.  Under location I'll rough up sketches using the drawing tools and also paste photos.  For notes I've already posted feedback from my critique group.

Instead of paper folders crammed with documents, I'll be able to search for certain information by simply entering a world or phrase. As this notebook grows, that is going to be a handy feature.

If anyone has tips on using OneNote for world building or any other organizational tips, I'd love to hear them.

:) Carol