New Orleans as a book setting

Monday, August 30, 2010

I love New Orleans. I dreamed of visiting it when I read 'French Silk' by Sandra Brown. The ambience made my mouth water. My first experience was the 2001 RWA Conference, particularly memorable for me as I was celebrating my first book sale. Walking along the streets was an unbelievable experience: the architecture, the grillwork, the Cajun music blaring from the stores; the Dixieland bands marching in the streets.

The next time I saw NO was post-Katrina when I attended the 2007 Heather Graham's Writers for New Orleans Conference. The Katrina wounds were still fresh and raw. However, the revival was already underway with restaurants reopening and new homes being built. 

I returned in 2009 for the Florida Family Law retreat and the French Quarter Jazz Festival was fabulous.  Crowds roamed the streets and music filled the air. The energy was amazing.

I know NO has taken another blow due to the oil spill, but the city's spirit is precious and indominable. Here's to New Orleans and hoping Heather Graham's Writers for New Orleans Conference is a smashing success.  My question is:  what is your favorite book set in NO?  :) Carol


Mary Stella said...

Heather has set a number of books in NOLA so it would be unfair of me to try to pick just one over another.

So, since I can't pick from among Heather's array, I'll go with an old favorite from Linda Howard called Kill and Tell.

Mary Ricksen said...

Beautiful Pictures Carol!
That's not a fair question, they are all great books.
But I would love to see her there!

Carol Stephenson said...

Mary S., I couldn't either so that's why I thought of French Silk.

Mary R, you and me both. I'm hoping to be able to swing Heather's conference next year.