Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maddie here.

Carol's so exhausted but stoked by her finally completing the family room makeover that she forgot about my Halloween outfit. Of all things, she went out with friends to dinner on Friday night and didn't get back for trick-or-treat. She had gotten me a special dress from my groomer for the occasion as she knows how much I love answering the door and being petted by all the kids, and I didn't get to wear it.

What a bummer. However, she did point out that it poured on and off all that night. But she came through like a trooper and let me wear my Halloween outfit on Saturday. Everyone who came over to see her room makeover all ooo'd and ahhh'd over me.

Now if I can only convince her not to take all the candy into work... Maddie


Joylene said...

It that a smile I see? lol

excellent approach to blogging. Very delightful.