Monday, September 22, 2008

While the show 'Recount' may have received a few Emmy's last night, you ain't seen nothing yet if you haven't heard about Palm Beach County's latest ballot fiasco.

One of the races in the recent election involved someone challenging a circuit judge. Very close race. First it was discovered that ballots were missing from a precinct. Then it was rumored the ballots may have been thrown out in the trash. But oh no, those missing ballots were at the Supervisor of Election's office after all.

Then hand count didn't match the machine fact there was an excess of ballots. Weeks and several recounts later with a few lawsuits thrown in for good measure, the officials still can't get the counts to match up. All over a circuit judge race.

And the national race is coming up. Hey, maybe some of those actors will get to play the same people again in Recount II, the movie.

:) Carol