Proud of Maddie and myself

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I'd realized that I had bitten off more than I could chew with respect to the family room makeover. The rubber backing from the carpet pad had fused to the concrete. Combine that with the fact I wrenched my shoulder putting on the donut following a flat tire...scraping the rubber off was not only tediously boring but painful as well. I puttered at it in brief spurts for a few weeks.

Then this past week I decided I needed to gut it up and finish the project. When my Friday calendar cleared out, I took the day off. I finished the scraping and then vacuumed and mopped the floor. Saturday morning I applied the primer and began applying the self-adhesive tiles. The next problem was since this was a converted garage with paneling and base board put in after the carpet, everything was recessed and there was no straight edge to line the tiles up against.

But by Sunday afternoon I had finished laying all the whole tiles with only the perimeter, which required tiles cut to size, to do. However, when my neighbor came over to check on my progress, Maddie rolled over to have her tummy rubbed, and I noticed the underside of her chin appeared to be raw. I halted everything and ran her to the vet.

Good thing. That bacteria had broken out in a new spot. However, while I was at the vet's, a thunder boomer knocked out the power. I waited all afternoon for him to surgically clear up the spots. Poor baby was totally knocked out by the anesthesia and wasn't herself at all yesterday.

Even worse news from her perspective is I have to exercise tough love. She came to me only eating human food and I never before could get her off it [guess who has more willpower?] But the vet put her on hypoallergenic dog food to build up her immunity system, and that is what she is going to get from here on out. I don't want her to go through any more outbreaks.

Maddie's being a real trooper and eating a little bit of the food. She doesn't like it, but she's doing it so I'm really proud of her.

Now it's on to finishing up the perimeter of the floor. :) Carol