Yo, Benjamin Franklin!

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

According to the movie National Treasure, Ben Franklin is responsible for daylight savings time. If so, shame on him! Now mind you, I've always been a big admirer; he's one of my fav Revolutionary War figures. However, Ben, you've done me wrong! My body simply can't handle springing foward and losing an hour. I get so little sleep with juggling a day job and writing that any upset in my routine is devastating. It will take me a month to adjust but for the first week I'm absolutely miserable. I was going to begin writing my next contracted legal thriller this week but have opted to research a proposal instead. I'm going to need coffee and M&M's to make it through to the weekend. :) Carol Stephenson


Lisa Manuel said...

I know -- I'm exhausted this week. And now it's pitch black again when I get up in the morning. And this benefits who?