Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before the show airs tonight with the double elimination, I figured I'd better comment. I'm becoming a huge Ty Murray fan. He's adorable, he's nice, he's solid, and to me, what the show is about. Who would have thunk that a bronco buster could do the Lindy Hop?

I like a few of the others, but Ty's the one I most look forward to seeing. I do hope that Holly or one of the Steve's hit the door tonight. I wanted to give both Steves a chance to recover from their earlier injuries, and much as I adore Lacey, I don't think she's got a partner to last long. But Derek!!!! He is such a great choreographer; I want him to stay in there so I can watch his innovative moves. :) Carol


Mary Stella said...

I think Ty is "most improved". I applaud his effort as well as his results. When he first started he looked like he was completely out of his comfort zone. He has put his embarassment behind him and is giving it his all to learn the dances and perform well. (Chuck Wicks could learn from him.)

Carol Stephenson said...

And my guy 'Ty' made it through...I just hope he doesn't get stuck with the Paso next week.

:) Carol