2006 Winter Olympics

Monday, February 27, 2006

I love the Olympics; I'm the ultimate unabashed fan. Back in the days when they telecasted the entire event, I would sit glued to the TV watching every athlete compete.

Of course, now I can't, constrained by what the network selects to broadcast and my own schedule. Still, I managed to catch quite a bit of this year's Winter Olympics. I thrilled to the scenery as I love Italy so much. I yearned to return and once more absorb it all, the food, the culture, the scenery. I anguished with the fallen. If ever there was a woman who defined skating for the past decade, it's Michelle Kwan. I saw her perform live when she was a teenager. I grieve for her disappointment but her years of beautiful skating surpasses a gold medal.

I ignored the irritating, boorish such as Bode Miller. I only hope he gets his public and private act together before his picture appears on another magazine. I absolutely loved the snowboard events!!!! Extreme to the max and entertaining to boot.

I was so happy that speed skater Apollo Ono skated a perfect 500 and got his gold medal. His dedication and love of his sport was simply inspiring.

However I have to admit: I'm glad the Olympics are over. I'm exhausted from staying up to 11:30 every night watching the events. I need a 2-year break until the Summer Olympics in China. But, when 2010 rolls around and the Olympics are in Vancouver, once more I'll be glued to the set, watching these kids who have worked so hard and dedicated their lives to their dream compete. It doesn't matter whether they medaled; it's all about that they tried.

To all the 2006 Olympians across the world, thanks for the glorious competition!

:) Carol Stephenson